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Thursday, May 28, 2015
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Reigate RFC Blogs and Match Reports
Jan 24

Written by: Team Blogger
24/01/2012 13:44

Wandsworthian 2nd XV 31 v 7 Reigate 2nd XV

This away match was relocated to Colley Lane as our opponents had no ground to entertain us. It was evidently a struggle for them to even get beyond the M25 as the scheduled kick off was delayed until 1430. Unlike some of those coming from SW11 none were two up on a scooter. Our illustrious leader was giving it large in St Peters Square so a full squad and more were available, revelling in his absence to come and play for the club from all parts of the world: SW11, South Africa, the Emerald Isle and even Gatton Bottom! For the first time in years, 18 players.

A full squad was about it. Our new youngsters, James and Josh from Albert & Alexandra had their first blooding at senior Rugby, Chris Stone, John Greatman and Alex Nestor had their first outing for the team this year and we welcomed newcomers Etienne and Alan.

With a squad such as this, unused to playing together and lacking training together, against a squad who were big and appeared to be more co-ordinated as a result of training together, the initial self confidence began to fade with the pressure that Wandsworthians were able to maintain through their support of the ball carrier and an apparent reluctance to commit to the physical contact required in tackling and clearing out the opposition at the breakdown. When Reigate did secure possession and make a break, the ball carrier support for an offload was not to be found and some good opportunities to make the score more even were thereby missed. The lack of support also led to an easy touch down after a charged down clearance kick. However, this critique cannot take away from the fact that these 18 guys got out there and played. Now we need to expand the squad and get to training so that our familiarity with the ball and each other and an appreciation of where the open spaces are can generate success.

1) Warren Owen
2) Josh
3) Dec Skehan (sub. Stu Stodard)
4) John Donnelly
5) Chris Stone
6) Dave Bird
7) James Tack
8) Tiny Tarawe
9) John Greatman (sub. Etienne/40)
10) Paul Wise SC/50 2
11) Alex Nestor
12) Luis Lazarte (capt) Yellow/25
13) Tom Piercy
14) Gary Bendall T/50 5
15) Dave Partridge (sub. Alan/40)

Opposition scores


HT Score: 12 – 0


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